30 delicious diy Christmas gift of food which are mouth-watering

Delicious and tasty things are like happiness which spread so fast and so easy to take it. This is promises that once you look throughout collection of food gifts, you will mad to make it at home and grab it. So make your mouth-watering through just search it and try it at your home.

Candy-Cane Toffee


Taste up your tongue with this crushed and crispy toffee. it is make this at home through www.womansday.com

Brown Sugar-Ginger Snowflakes


This Christmas all items of food will be in theme of Christmas, so make it through www.womansday.com

Mini Drum Cakes


Now enjoy drum in eating process, don’t be shocked it is kind of sweet which has drum like shaped. So make it through www.womansday.com

Joy and Noel Jam Tiles


It is crispy and crunchy with jam flavored tiles, it is a luck to have this on meal. So make it through www.womansday.com

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies


Eye-catching pie will seriously thrills your heart and your tongue with it’s taste and flavor. So grab it through making it from www.womansday.com

Microwave Fudge Sampler


Awesomely garnished fudge will make you crazy about it and mad too, so taste it by making this through www.womansday.com

Tart-Cherry and Dark-Chocolate Bars


Make your health fit and have fun with this dark chocolates. Actually it is simple to make this at home through www.womansday.com

Little Brandied Fruitcakes


Now taste something new which come all they from trees and farms of fruit. None another then it’s juicy fruit cakes. You can make this through www.womansday.com

Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies


Delicious cookies look so awesome with this presentation, think about that moment when you make this at home through www.womansday.com

Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Honey Butter


Now taste up your other food with his tasty butter which authentic taste having honey inside it. So make it at your home through thekitchenmccabe.com

Puppy Chow


It’s steal your heart only from it’s shape and color. So bright and beautiful with taste, make it fast and grab it through www.buzzfeed.com

Mulled Wine Kit


Make this Christmas happy by gifting this wine gift to your love ones, so they feel dreamed about you. So made it that moments through www.buzzfeed.com

Homemade Tonic Syrup


Make all your relatives energize with this tonic syrup, So make them refresh through www.buzzfeed.com

Boozy Hot Chocolate Kit


Make them boozy with some chocolates, it is time of refreshing your thoughts and feeling with your guests and your families. So make it unforgettable through www.buzzfeed.com

Brandied Cherries


Make your farms cherries brandied and use it well through tasting with your members. So make this from www.buzzfeed.com

Puff Pastry Cheese Straws


Cheese is all time favorite thing, not only in simple manner also in different kind of recipes. So make it all cheesy through www.goodhousekeeping.com

Chai-Spiced Tea Loaves


Make your every time favorite with this toasty spiced tea loaves, so make it and grab it through www.goodhousekeeping.com

Triple-Nut Biscotti


Make your tea time special and fulfill with fun, if you want to have fun then make it through www.goodhousekeeping.com

Malted Milk Bars


Make this Christmas milky, with the help of bake something good and sweet. So be fast to make something awesome through www.goodhousekeeping.com



Crunchy and crispy taste always win’s your heart. This is easy to make this at home mynameisyeh.com

Coffee Cupcakes


Make your friendship high and strong with having this cupcakes coffee with your friends. So make it for them through www.hgtv.com

Holiday Breakfast Kit


Every morning is now remembered to your with this breakfast kit, So make it through www.hgtv.com

Cranberry Dacquoise


It’s just a holy Christmas, you can’t be without taste this cranberry recipe. So make it through www.hgtv.com

Walnut-Rosemary Olive Bread


Now taste every food with this bread and it will enhance your satisfaction level. So make this at home through www.hgtv.com

Flavored Alcohol


Booze the mood and gratitude of your’s and other to feel the moment. So make it large for everyone through www.hgtv.com

Marshmallow Treats


Now treat everyone who is your guest to your home and make them your’s through www.hgtv.com

Tasty Pecan Tassies


Sweet like cakes and crispy and crunchy like this recipe, make it, try it and gift to your love one through www.hgtv.com

Homemade Jam


Now you can make this at home very accurately from this homemade jam recipe which is available at www.hgtv.com

Brandied Fruit Cake


Now make everyday special with this cake, which is aromatic, tasty, and satisfying source. It is easy to make at home through www.hgtv.com

Mulled Wine Kit


Fully favorable in any situation, and lavishing with it’s taste. Make it at home through www.hgtv.com