25 top diy valentine gifts for long distance relationships

Now you can show your love through this gift collection, who lives very much far from you. So don’t be sad or hesitate, just search it, make it and send it to your soul part. It is easy and simple make it at home through this methods. So just keep thinking about your partner and make it for him. Go for it and show your extreme lov eto them in this valentine.

Engage All Five Senses


Make your partner surprise which lives from you very far happy by sending this gift to them. So make it fast through

Beer Flowers


Give surprises to your partner who is big lover and fan of beer after your’s. So make it mad this valentine through

For your booklover


Let get your partner surprise by this kind of creativity which is awesome and lovable one. So make this at home through

Love Connection Personalized Photo Puzzle


Make your couple photo turn into puzzle one through this method, so make it fast and quick through



Light up your happiness and taste through this edible match sticks. So make it fast and enjoy through

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake


Valentine always get people together and enjoy the same fun with others, so make this cake at home through

Cupcake bouquet


Send this to your love one who waiting for your gifts, so make them shocked with this delicious cupcakes through

DIY Heart Bath Bombs


Spread your fragrance to your far away soulmate through this bath bombs by sending him. Make it fast and happen through

Two Person Journal


This is an important and lovely book of questions and answers. Gift it this valentine through

 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Make for who is great football lover and who lives very far from your limits. So make it fast and send it through

 Photo Phone Case


Build your relationship strong and tough as rock through this photo phone case, because it will always make remember about your and your’s partner promises. So buy it through

Engraved Alloy Wallet Card


For witness, make your love unbeatable and irremovable through this engraved alloy wallet cards. So make it through

DIY Chocolate Bowls with Whipped Cream & Berries


Send it to your far living man and friends who always waiting for you. So make them special through

Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls


Some spicy and sweet rolls which steal your heart and hunger from you. So gift it to catch their hunger through this

Love Box


Collect their favorite things and items in one box and send them to surprise. It is easy to make this at home through

‘Remember When?’ Jar


Now make your love one gift by own through lots of love and hard work. So make it fast and show your love from



Take care of your partner and wishes him for long age, For that you have to make this type of package to show your love by

Homemade Candles & Potpourri


This valentine light your partner’s life who live very far from you. For that you can make this type of gift and send it to them via ,

Love Crossword


You can play a game with him which is made up by you. So make it and love him through

Carve Your Own Card


Carve your love and promises in this card, so make it through

Stationery Postcard Pack


You can post this type of postcard to your love one who really care about you and waiting for your call. So make it happen through

Love Letter Kit 2.0


Now you can make him happy through sending this type love letters like old time love story. So make it happen from

Printable Snack Love Notes


You can really hungry your partner by making this snacks notes, and you can calm through this snacks which you have been send it to him through

Lyric Love Notes


You can take help to maintain your love story through this type of old style of proposing the love through this love lyrics from

Love Postcards


Send this type of post cards and make him feel that you are there for him. Make it fast through